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Backpage Spanking Mistress

Backpage Spanking Mistress

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June 18 2010
Posted by gunenuq380  [ 21:36 ]

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The New Site: Miss Mya


This kinky mistress very quickly loses any control when hear her miserable slave moaning from pain and begging for mercy and she gets even crueler and brings the enlighten candle even closer to his face trying to burn it with fire and paying no attention on wax pouring over boy's skin!
Watch this gallery now!

The party at Strapon Fiesta is fucking fantastic. The first ingredient is a group of four or five hot chicks. The next is a strapon cock for each babe and they bring in rubber schlongs of all shapes and sizes. The ladies get dressed and then the final ingredient is introduced: a man with a loose asshole and a desire to get pumped by five hot chicks with strapon cocks. He bends over and is violated in every way you can imagine. Best of all this isn’t one of those sites where the guy can only take a few inches of dick. He can take the full length! Just imagine ten inches of strapon inside him!  A young man is in a jail cell waiting for his sentence to end and wishing something interesting would happen. When he hears the door open he thinks that day has come but the warden has merely given his asshole to five hot chicks with big strapon cocks. They pour into his cell and strip him naked. They bend him over the bed and take turns fucking his ass and his mouth while spanking him and telling him what a slut he is. That’s just a small taste of what they produce at Strapon Fiesta and there’s a full length video and a hot picture gallery available to you for every scene.  Picture a naked man lying on his back with five women standing around him. At first glance it seems like he’s the luckiest man in the world but this isn’t a normal porn scene. It comes from a site called Strapon Fiesta and all five girls are wearing big plastic dicks that they plan on fucking the young man with. They’re going to take turns pumping their hard dicks into his asshole and they’re going to make him scream in pleasure and pain. They’re going to wear him out badly and then they’re going to come back for more. The strapon action is high resolution and mind blowing!  A fiesta is a party and at Strapon Fiesta the party involves lots of big rubber dicks. In almost all of the amazing scenes they produce a guy is literally surrounded by strapon cocks as four or five girls put on their favorite dicks and fuck his asshole. Just picture a guy on his hands and knees with a chick fucking him from behind and another working his mouth. He’s just there to be used by the beautiful strapon chicks and they’re having a great time pounding his asshole with thick fake dick. Some of the girls get pretty rough, fucking their rubber cock slut with great power and anger.  There’s no question that if you’re into female on male strapon sex that Strapon Fiesta is the place for you. Most sites show a guy and a girl getting it on but here the guys are merely the entertainment at a party with five chicks all wearing big cocks and eager to fuck. His asshole is lubed and his cheeks spread wide so the ladies can fit their big dicks inside him and pound him hard. Strapon Fiesta lets you download the hot hardcore strapon sex videos and keep them as long as you’d like. They’re high resolution and shockingly beautiful so don’t miss out on the stunningly sexy action.  Do you ever dream of a beautiful woman fucking your ass with a strapon cock? Do you like it when she’s dominant and powerful and refuses to stop until she’s had her satisfaction? Strapon Fiesta has the kind of content that will make your dick hard if that’s what you’re into. They shoot amazing videos and picture galleries featuring hot chicks wearing big rubber cocks and fucking tight male assholes. The guys get lubed up and then stroke their dicks while the chicks bang them hard. Strapon Fiesta even has gangbangs where the dude is humped by a group of hot chicks.  The variety of cocks at Strapon Fiesta is impressive and the most delightful part is that they’re all rubber and they’re all on women! The chicks put on their strapon dicks and bend their men over to fuck them hard up the ass. The big cocks drive deep while the guy moans audibly because it hurts and feels so good at the same time. Strapon Fiesta brings you high resolution videos and amazing picture galleries where no male asshole is safe from penetration. The guys take hard cocks deep and the dominant females are out for their own pleasure. The strapon gangbangs are pretty amazing too.  If it’s a good strapon sex video you seek then Strapon Fiesta is the only place to visit. They have tons of pictures if you want those too! The content is all strapon chicks fucking guys with their big rubber dicks and the guys like to keep their butts spread wide open to take as much shaft as possible. They’re practically split open by the monumental strapons and there’s an awful lot of moaning going on from both sides. The guys like being fucked and the girls like wielding such power over them. They like to be the ones in control, to be the ones doing the thrusting. Do you like it too?  

The women of Strapon Fiesta are serious about their dildos. They put those big plastic dicks on and they pummel the asshole of any male willing to give it up. The guys spread their legs and pray that the dominant female babe with the big cock hanging between her legs isn’t going to hurt them. Sometimes it does hurt but that only turns the strapon dommes on. They pump tight assholes with their big dicks, they make their male slaves moan and they want you to watch it all with a smile on your face. Get out your dick and get ready for some hot strapon sex!

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June 16 2010
Posted by gunenuq380  [ 14:07 ]

That's what happens to dudes for the first time when they get into the disposal of salacious and cruel mistresses! The salacious lady participating in this movie gets out of control when throwing the boy on all fours and snatching all his cloths off ordering him to serve her absolutely naked!
Watch this gallery now!

Site of the Day: Strapon Jane


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Let young beautiful Roksana control your mind, cock, and will!  Roksana's mouth-watering feet, young, juicy, perfectly shaped, are worth the worship by themselves. The lady was simply born to have her body and feet worshipped! Foot fetish will take new dimensions when Mistress Roksana, tall, tight, teasing, is around with her cute feet.  

Roksana takes you through the darkest, sexiest paths of femdom!

Seeking to bring your entire kinky world to the feet of one hot, demanding, understanding mistress? Meet Roksana, a young, beautiful, mean-minded dominatrix who will take you on an exploration tour through your darkest, deepest fantasies. Discover the joys of femdom and harvest the fruits of surrendering your freedoms into the hands of Roksana, caring yet very dangerous to mess with! Prepare for unique experience with her personal site right here.  Young playful lady dominating the shit out of horny eager men!  Mistress Roksana loves to play, and she loves giving pussies some pretty hard busts just as much as she enjoys CBT. Watch sexy submissive females attacked in their intimate zones by inventive Roksana who gets off on bringing obedient girls down with her cunbusting skills.  Mean, no-vanilla femdom action with CBT, face sitting and more involved!  Born to be a goddess, young sexy Roksana is ready to subdue!  There's no sweeter danger to your cock and sack other than Roksana!  Nobody is ready to crush your nuts with same class and hardness as Roksana. Try to get some air as the young, mean beauty slams her knees, fists, bare feet and boots against your full, aching sack. Be a good boy and deserve Roksana's ball-crushing blows, you will truly enjoy it, perv!  Face sitting sessions with Roksana turn into never-ending, delightful experience as she fills your mouth with her superior flesh. Prepare to have the finest, freshest crotch in the BDSM scene rubbed hard against your silly face! Roksana knows what face-sitting is really about.  Roksana is a pro class domme, and every video from her sessions showcases her tailored torture which brings the inner pervert in every man she meets. Fantasize about becoming putty in her strong hands. Barely clothed, classy and cute, she will drown you in sweet pain!  Pain inflicted by female has never been this enjoyable. Roksana's precise knowledge of your male body and her dominating character will push your physique further than you thought it could be pushed. Get ready for the ultimate, very new sensations right now!

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June 14 2010
Posted by gunenuq380  [ 04:19 ]


Strapon Fiesta

Site of the Day: Strapon Hoes


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Ruined orgasms, oral servitude, and strap-on fucking  You will NOT disappoint Matresse Madeline!  Pantyboys, ponyboys and dogboys welcome  

Where women are ALWAYS on top

Beautiful women dominate submissive men  Ball busting, trampling, and strap-on fucking  Say it: "Thank You, Matresse!"  Foot worship, ass worship, smothering, trampling, and more  Ruined orgasms, cum-eating and small penis humiliation  A crew of dominant women abuse men at will

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June 11 2010
Posted by gunenuq380  [ 01:31 ]
From: Platinum X Pictures
Starring: Amy Reid, Malibu

The New Site: Be The Bitch


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Female supremacy at its finest  Devastating Beauties Demanding Devotion  The world's hardest strap-on fucking  Say it: "Thank You, Matresse!"  What's my name, worm? Matresse Madeline at  Ruined orgasms, oral servitude, and strap-on fucking  Men stripped naked while women laugh  

Where men don't fucking speak until spoken to

Male submissives take strap-on cock in the ass!  Ball busting, trampling, and strap-on fucking  A crew of dominant women abuse men at will  Worship at the temple of  Clothed female-naked male, small cock humiliation and more  Pantyboys, ponyboys and dogboys welcome  Thank you, Matresse, may I have another?  Submissive men get spanked, whipped, and fucked!  "Kiss my feet, worm!"

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June 08 2010
Posted by gunenuq380  [ 05:52 ]


BRUTAL FACESITTING | Face-sitting heaven for queen-loving kinksters!

The Best Site: Chicks Peg Guys


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Thank you, Matresse, may I have another?  Men: Don't fucking speak until spoken to!  "Kiss my feet, worm!"  You will NOT disappoint Matresse Madeline!  Clothed female-naked male, small cock humiliation and more  Female supremacy at its finest  Beautiful women dominate submissive men  Devastating Beauties Demanding Devotion  Men suffer while women laugh!  Female domination direct from the Castle  Male submissives take strap-on cock in the ass!  Pantyhose worship, humiliation,  "Thank you for hurting me, Matresse"  Worship at the temple of  Pantyboys, ponyboys and dogboys welcome  Where women know men are worms  

Ruined orgasms, cum-eating and small penis humiliation

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June 05 2010
Posted by gunenuq380  [ 20:04 ]

White-stockinged gal treating humble guy like her sex toy for strap-on fuck.
View Gallery :: Brought to you by @ FerroNetwork
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Site of the Day: Strapon Tryouts


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Dominant women, submissive men  

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Clothed female-naked male, small cock humiliation and more  Ball busting, trampling, and strap-on fucking  You will NOT disappoint Matresse Madeline!  Female domination direct from the Castle  "Thank you for hurting me, Matresse"  Foot worship, ass worship, smothering, trampling, and more  Dominant women take what they want  The world's hardest strap-on fucking  "Kiss my feet, worm!"

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June 03 2010
Posted by gunenuq380  [ 07:32 ]

Fetish Mistress Carmen Rivera tends to one of her loyal slaves, who has a problem with his penis…he has lost sensation in his muscled member.  Carmen puts him into an intense treatment schedule, binding the cock and balls and then trapping it in a strange, frightening device.  Rough rawhide laces cut deep into the cockmeat, and then Mistress Carmen flattens the shaft under a levered press. OUCH! The sensation is coming back to the slave in a hurry, and just to make sure he is feeling everything, Carmen steps on the patient’s balls to stimulate the feeling.  Another successful treatment by Mistress Carmen!


Click here for more videos and photos from this update!

Site of the Day: Strapon Power


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Where men don't fucking speak until spoken to  The world's hardest strap-on fucking  You will NOT disappoint Matresse Madeline!  "Kiss my feet, worm!"  Female domination direct from the Castle  Pantyboys, ponyboys and dogboys welcome  Men stripped naked while women laugh  Cruel corporal punishment for submissive slutboys  Beautiful women dominate submissive men  

Enforced chastity, denial, cuckolding, and male humiliation

Submissive men get spanked, whipped, and fucked!  Foot worship, ass worship, smothering, trampling, and more  Where women know men are worms  Dominant women take what they want  Smothering, face-sitting, and ass-fucking  Pantyhose worship, humiliation,

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June 01 2010
Posted by gunenuq380  [ 02:05 ]

Marcello begs to be fucked with his toy sex toys in the butthole from his Mistress Faline…NO, don’t worry, they speak English.  She’s a mean bitch too.  She makes him wear his collar around his neck, just the way she makes him wear collars around his penis and wanker!  He gets his pecker stepped on as he squirms around the floor for his toy begging for her to shove it in his butt and tug on his ball sack! What a loser!

The Best Site: Chicks Peg Guys


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May 28 2010
Posted by gunenuq380  [ 16:19 ]


LadiesFuckGents :: Ninette&Adrian pretty lady busy straponfucking

The Best Site: Strapon Service


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May 26 2010
Posted by gunenuq380  [ 16:18 ]

Poor slob wakes up cuffed to a bench in the locker room as two leather goddesses arrive to play bad cop/bad cop.
They smother him together as he lays helpless and pathetic. Watch as the poor slob gets smothered in four
titties not to mentioned forced to worship their hot leather clad asses.

Click here for more videos and photos from this update!

Site of the Day: Captive Male


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May 24 2010
Posted by gunenuq380  [ 03:51 ]
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May 21 2010
Posted by gunenuq380  [ 16:42 ]

Huh! This charming lady is really wild and out of control! She discharges all her anger upon poor trembling slave and breaks the furniture on his head! It's his turn to clean the room now and the nasty gadget puts his face into the trash can making him breathe and smell the garbage!
Watch this gallery now!

The New Site: Movie Room: Femdom


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